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Swedish Massage

This is a therapeutic treatment that makes use of five different types of massage stroke in order to loosen stiff muscles and relieve aches and pains, increasing circulation to affected areas to speed healing. A full body massage includes thorough treatment to the back, neck and lower scalp, legs, feet and arms.  One hour thirty minute treatments also include massage to the abdomen – a very nurturing, settling sensation.  If there are specific areas of tension that need attending to, the routine can be tailored to suit. Deeper, more thorough treatments do take longer so please take this into consideration when booking. A good result takes time!

  • £85 – Deep Relaxation De-stressor – 90 minutes
  • £65 – One-Hour-Wonder  
  • £35 – thirty minute massage of your choice: back, feet or combination of your choice

To make your booking email: relax@gowiththeflowmassage.net or text/call: 07961 157 147

Times available on Saturdays and some Sundays. I look forward to hearing from you!

The Brain Drain NEW TREATMENT!

As it says in the title – this treatment is designed to switch off over-active minds, drain pent-up stress and tension, leaving you balanced and grounded once more.

This is achieved through specific Indian Head massage moves that target problems at their source – most clients are significantly more relaxed after just 15 minutes. Following this with a foot massage sequence diverts attention away from the site of restless thoughts, down to the feet. This re-balances overall energy and offers a feeling of having ‘firm foundations’ to stand on once more. A potent 30-minute massage…

  • £29.50 – 30 minutes  

Reflexology-based Foot Massage

As a qualified reflexologist, I can’t help but want to treat feet!

Both massage and reflexology techniques are used to work through tension, opening blocked channels to restore free flow of energy throughout the entire body. As part of this process, attention is diverted from over-active minds towards relaxing sensations within the feet, increasing overall body awareness and a sense of being well grounded.

  • £19.50 – 15 minutes 
  • £29.50 – 30 minutes  

Indian Head Massage

This is a very potent treatment – it really helps to ‘switch off’ over-active minds and can drain even the idea of stress from the body. It was also traditionally used to nourish the hair and scalp, aiding hair growth, especially when combined with the use of nourishing oils. This seated massage targets the neck and scalp although the 30 and 60 minute treatments also include massage to the upper back and arms, shoulders and face. It can be performed fully clothed, with or without the use of oils.

  • £15 for fifteen minutes – Really relaxing
  • £29.50 – thirty minutes – Thoroughly relaxing
  • £49.50 – one hour – Full treatment


Reflexology Treatments

All treatments include a consultation and foot soak. Please refer to the Reflexology tab for more detailed information.

  • Initial treatment – £75 for one hour, fifteen minutes
  • All subsequent treatments – £65 for one hour

 Special Offers

Please see Special Offers tab for current offers available.

To make your booking email: relax@gowiththeflowmassage.net or text/call: 07961 157 147

Times available on Saturdays, Wednesdays and some Sundays. I look forward to hearing from you!

Gift Vouchers


Gift vouchers are available for any treatment chosen. Payment can be made online and the voucher posted to your loved one. Please email for details.




Additional sundries to be added to your treatment.  £1.00 each.

Please note: treatments offered and pricing may be subject to change.